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Arduino The Documentary. coming summer 2010

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Laboral Centro de Arte, Spain, has commissioned the creation of a documentary about Arduino. The filmmakers are almost done with it and today they released the trailer to it. A lot of the footage was shot during the Arduino Uno meeting in March 2010, that took place at ITP, New York University.

TRAILER Arduino: The Documentary
In the video you can see among others: Phil (Make, Adafruit), Zach (Makerbot), Alicia (Buglabs), Eric (ITP), Igor (Telefónica), Tom, Dave, Massimo, and David (me), as well as many Arduino ethusiasts, developers, and users.
The documentary is CC licensed, which means you guys can use it in class, public display, etc. The official release including the 45m TV version (with English and Spanish subtitles), the full interviews to all of us, videos taken at Makerbot, Adafruit, NYC Resistor, etc will be soon announced at the film’s website: If you want to volunteer making the subtitles in your own language, feel free to contact the guys behind it.

dans la famille, « duino » je voudrais …

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A Long List of Microcontroller Names Derived from the name of the 11th Century King Arduino
Freeduino was one of the first four or five microcontrollers in the world to honour the 11th century italian King Arduin by using the ‘duino suffix [see footnote]!  Nowadays, « a thousand ‘duinos bloom », as Mao would say, with companies, hobbyists and Italian History buffs all rushing to put part of King Arduin’s name on their circuits. It seems like we add something to this list every day!

voir la liste de la famille « duino » et lire la suite (source)…

Footnote: [*] The exact chronological order of those honoring King Arduino by naming their microcontroller after him has not yet been carefully researched, but it would appear to be as follows:
1. King Arduin’s time: 1100AD
2. Between 1100AD and 2005AD: no microcontrollers are named after King Arduin.
3. Arduino, the first microcontroller to honour King Arduin! 2005
4. Boarduino, 2007. It is no big surprise that ladyada is in the vanguard.
5. Freeduino, September 2007
6. Arduclema September 28, 200